This section is available to individuals who wish to receive personal one-on-one instruction for singing, acting, or speech training. In general, these are not group lessons, but in some circumstances, it is possible to extend sessions to include 2 to 5 people.


Student categories

  • Section 1 - for children & adolescents, and adults who wish to pursue the studies as a hobby

  • Section 2 - for students of singing of acting who are preparing for professional careers in the performing arts and media industry.

  • Section 3 - for professional singers, actors, and speakers who are preparing for professional engagements in opera, concert, recital, theatre, film, television, or public speaking events.

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Guided by internationally accepted artistic, educational, professional standards, the purpose of the individual training for any student is

  • to build a solid technical foundation for use of the voice

  • learn reliable and effective procedures for learning text, repertoire, and interpretation

  • learn reliable and effective ways to prepare for performance situations

The process aims at holistic development of the performer, including confidence, self-reliance, concentration, stamina, and realistic self-evaluation, in addition to the rigorous training of skills.

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Acceptance to any section will be based on a simple voice test & interview.

  • Section 1 - All that is required for beginning in this section is a desire to learn, an average voice, and basic command of English. This section encompasses a wide range of students, from the most elementary up to very advanced levels (being within the non-professional category).

  • Section 2 - For this section, a student is expected to already have undergone full-time training, and it is strongly recommended that the student can demonstrate professional potential, both vocally, artistically, musically (for singers), and linguistically. This section encompasses students with serious commitment to a professional future in the performing arts.

  • Section 3 – Students in this section, will normally already have undergone full-time training, and are in the process of preparing for engagements in opera, concert, recital, theatre, film, television, or public speaking events. This section encompasses students who already have professional experience, but are looking for achieving greater levels of excellence in their performance as singers, speakers, or actors

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Course & reference materials

Course & reference materials are not included in the tuition fee, but will be recommended as needed.

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  • Internal evaluation. The nature of Individual Instruction usually provides feedback during and after each session. Over time there will be an evaluation of progress as needed. If the student engages in similar outside activities, this is provides a useful source of information of the student’s progress toward improved performance ability.

  • External evaluation. We welcome students who actively pursue activities such as examinations, auditions, competitions, and supporting studies (ex. musical instruments, language training, performance organizations, etc.). Students who engage in these activities are encouraged to discuss their performance experiences and learn from them.

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Further study

  • At MDI – Students are encouraged to pursue studies in related disciplines. Students of singing or speech can benefit greatly from a focus on drama, drama students can benefit from singing and speech training. In addition, students of singing are recommended to add coaching sessions with an accompanist, also separately from vocal lessons.
  • Locally – The MDI has a wide network of excellent instructors and performers, both locally and overseas. We are happy to provide recommendations for study of other styles and instruments, such as musical theatre, jazz, keyboard, and orchestral instruments.
  • Overseas - The MDI has long-standing connections around the world with several universities, colleges, conservatories, professional organizations, and performance organizations. The success of our former students reflects positively on us, and we are happy to advise them about their career options

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The individual sessions will take place at the studios of Music & Drama Institute Ltd. in Hong Kong. [See: Contact]

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  • Dr. Derek Anthony (Singing, Acting, Speech)

  • Ms. Ariele Zanini (Accompanist, Coaching)

  • Other instructors as needed