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Every idea requires the idea of result before the realization of the result can be achieved. ~ Aristotle

With a worldwide performance and teaching career spanning 35 years, the multi-lingual singer Dr. Anthony, teaches voice, singing, drama and speech in 4 languages. He has lived in 7 countries. 25 of those years include experience in training voices for singing, acting, and public speaking. Known for two decades as one of Asia’s leading operatic basses and vocal coaches, he has taught around 1000 individuals from over 40 countries. He currently lives in Hong Kong.


He founded The Music & Drama Institute (MDI Ltd.) in Hong Kong in year 2000, with the aim of achieving a balance between artistry integrity, educational quality, and professionalism. As such, it has become an organization specializing in vocal and performance issues both for the corporate world and individual clients. A holistic and developmental approach informs the training on all levels, from the complete beginner to the most advanced professional. The result has been that a number of students have become exciting and versatile singers and actors, and gone on to develop promising careers in several parts of the world.

His many years of successful work with corporations and their leaders, is an attest to the professionalism, convenience, efficiency, and discretion that informs his approach. As a trainer of corporate clients, he is able to develop credible and persuasive speakers through a combination of vocal training, principles of drama, and motivational psychology, introducing powerful tools of expression, combined with attention to personal development and achievement, the handling of performance pressure, and optimizing one’s career potential.

Quite naturally, his extensive professional experience that comes from the theatre, has repeatedly also proven to be invaluable in creating the most exciting and memorable part of corporate events for clients in the region.

During his career, he performed over 60 opera roles on stage in Europe, America, and Asia, including many famous bass roles, and was a winner of 5 vocal competitions, including the Regional Metropolitan Opera Auditions.

By providing quality performances by several artists and the MC, the chances of excellent return on investment in exclusive and entertaining corporate events is greatly increased, while it enhances goodwill with existing and prospective clients, and contributes in a most memorable way to developing the company’s brand image.