“Do what you can do with what you have where you are”. ~ Theodore Roosevelt


Presentation Skills focus on the motivational and logical side of a presentation, both the strategic use of a presentation, its logical outline, and its persuasive or motivational impact. It I linked naturally to the training for Public Speaking which focuses on the vocal and expressive skills which are also useful for effective presentations.

This training is available as individual sessions or presentations for small groups at the client’s preferred venue.

Three important issues when making presentations:

  • Purpose. Starting with an evaluation of the purpose and goals of the presentation, one needs to consider how it fits the bigger picture of the organization, based on its mission, strategy, and plans. Be prepared to question the purpose at any stage of the process.

  • Logic. This the aspect that must satisfy the intellectual need for meaning and order. Consider if information that will be presented is relevant and useful to the listener. Make sure it can be presented without gaps in logic so that the thought-sequences feel complete. If, for example, the purpose is problem-solving, can the case for a solution be made convincingly?

  • Psychological factors. Besides the cognitive factors (such as logic), the preparation of a presentation should consider relevant issues related to audience socio-economic background, worldview, motivational factors such as needs, interests, degree of satisfaction, self-image, current life situation, and expectations.


Performance coaching relates to the whole process of learning, from the complete beginner to the most experienced professional,
and uses psychological knowledge and theories about achievement motivation, self-realization, and self-expression.

The principles used here, are integrated with all the other subjects of training, such as speech training, drama, singing, public speaking and presentation skills.

[See: Performance Coaching]



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