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Please accept my gratitude to you and your pianist for the memorable performance of “Con te partiro/Time to say Goodbye”, which was a beautiful addition to the event. …….Everyone is still telling me how moving the service was this year – you were amazing!

Thank you!

[Canadian Commemorative Ceremony, Sai Wan War Cemetery, 2013]
.J.I. Burchett, Consul General of Canada

“We remember your performance [of Sarastro] in Hong Kong in that role a few years ago [2009].
You were clearly the best performer in the whole cast.”

Jonathan Geffner, New York

On behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, thank you very much for your contribution to the International Memorial for Peace [for 9/11]. Your incredibly powerful voice was invaluable to the event and the Hong Kong community.

J. Thompson, Chairman

A performance of high standard which brought unsurpassed pleasure. Bass-baritone Derek Anthony was excellent both in terms of vocal technique and performance. Spectacular!

Mr. Ng, Chai Wan

Congratulations for a wonderful evening. You were entrancing!

L. C. Dinner-Recital, American Club


Ms. Kwok, Kwai Chung

So gewaltig und mächtig kann Ihre Stimme sein, wenn sie nicht gerade lieblich ist wie Blüten im Mai und genau so duftspendend! Ich frohe mich schon auf den nächsten Liederabend. Was für ein Genuss das sein wird! Ich wünsche Ihnen viel äusseren Erfolg, den inneren haben Sie eh schon.

Translation from German: Your voice can be so powerful and grand, and yet as gentle as the flowers of spring, and just as beautiful! I am already looking forward to the next recital. What a pleasure that will be! I wish you all success the external world can give you; the inner one you have found already.

J. Liebermann, Carmel, CA, USA

Excellent and unique. A fabulous performance!

Ms. Yim, Pok Fu Lam

His voice is one of rare beauty with flexibility, control and mature musicality. His stage presence is professional, a wide range of character interpretation.

B. G. Pierce

Stort tack för förnämligt nationaldagsfirande förra veckan! Sången gjorde mig knäsvag!

Translation from Swedish (A big thank you for an elegant national day celebration last week. The singing made knees weak!”

Mr. O, Corporate Lawyer

Mr. Anthony had a powerful, expressive voice; and his technique was refined.

Ms. Chik, Hong Kong


I just want to send you a note of appreciation because I did enjoy very much your performances in "Opera Passion" and "Music from the Americas". Thank you for your beautiful singing.

Ms. Cheng, Hong Kong


"Det har vært en glede å jobbe med Derek Anthony under produksjonen av den første oppførelsen av W.A. Mozarts "Tryllefløyten" ved operaen i Ho Chi Min City. [I Vietnam, november 2013]
I forkant av oppførelsen jobbet han både med solister og kor på en glimrende måte, og delte sine rike kunnskaper om vokal teknikk, språk, musikalsk formidling og rollegetaltning.
Derek har en metode som er svært anvendelig, og han jobber energisk og effektivt med alle aspekter ved sangfaget. Han har en trygg og raus personlighet kombinert med bred erfaring som operasanger og mange års arbeid som sang-og talepedagog.
Denne kombinasjonen gjør ham til den dyktige pedagogen han er. Samtlige vietnamesiske solister og korsangere gjennomgikk en faglig utvikling gjennom hans undervisning og veiledning, og dette resulterte i en flott konsertant fremføring av Tryllefløyten".

Siri Torjesen, 1. Amanuensis, Vocal Coach Transposition.


[Translation from Norwegian]. It has been a real pleasure working with Dr. Derek Anthony during the production of the first performance that has ever taken place in Ho Chi Minh City of Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”. [in Vietnam, November 2013]
During the period leading up to the performance, he coached both many of the soloists and the chorus in an excellent way, sharing his extensive knowledge on vocal technique, languages, musical expression, and dramatic interpretation.
He has a way of working which is very practical and effective, and he works energetically towards all aspects of the singer-actors’ craft. He displays a confident and generous personality, and possesses a wide experience as an opera singer and also many years as a vocal coach and speech trainer.
It is this combination that makes him such a competent educator. All the Vietnamese soloists and choristers underwent a clear development under his teaching and guidance, and this resulted in an excellent concert production of “The Magic Flute”.

Siri Torjesen, 1. Amanuensis & Vocal Coach Transposition.

For ten years, I have sought a classical instructor who encompasses vast performance experience, direct & effective teaching methods, and an appreciation for combining the musical with the dramatic expression. I have finally found these qualities in Dr. Anthony.

In our twelve lessons together, I experienced dramatic vocal & theatrical improvements in pieces ranging from Italian arias to Chinese folk songs. Dr. Anthony’s exquisite attention to detail - from language & diction to vocal technique, musical phrasing, theatrical phrasing, physical gesture, and psychological subtext - is invaluable to anyone striving for a career in performing arts. With thirty-five years of performance & teaching experience, Dr. Anthony will make you the best performer you can be. I look forward to more lessons - and more improvements - with my fabulous new mentor!

Elizabeth Anne Biddle
Graduate Vocal Student at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance
London, U. K.




Derek Anthony is an accomplished performer and motivational coach who brings these talents together in the art of public speaking. He was able to provide both technical instruction on breathing and projection based on his many years in opera and music education, and counselling on social dynamics in our one-on-one tutorials.

He was an enormous help in managing my fears of public speaking -- I have suffered from stage fright ever since I can remember – and learning how to enjoy getting in front of an audience.

Thank you, Derek!

Edith Terry
Managing Director
Cotton Tree Advisors



You'll be happy to hear that one of your former students, my son, Christian, was recruited into Longfellows,the top a Capella group at Bowdoin College.
He got very good training with you.

Christine H. Managing Director,
Executive Search Group International Limited

I would like to thank you for all that you have taught me in the past few years. I have learned more than singing techniques. Thanks for encouraging me to let go of my nervousness and just be who I am. I feel that I have learned a lot about singing and know that this is something I will enjoy for the rest of my life. Thanks again for being a wonderful mentor.

Carol W. [Chinese-American student], taught in USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons. They have given me the confidence and technique I needed to reach for my dream.
It has been a privilege to know and be taught by you.

Adelaide G. [Australia]

Although we are so far apart, your wisdom and guidance are always remembered in a special way.

Janet H., [studying overseas after studies in Hong Kong]
His contribution to musical and educational life at Peabody has been considerable, and he is to be commended for his outstanding accomplishments.

R. O. Pierce, Director, The Peabody Institute of
The Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA


I have interviewed his students [at Johns Hopkins University] and they have consistently spoken highly of the quality of instruction they have received.

S. G. Baxter, Assistant Dean, The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Mr. Anthony is an excellent teacher and an outstanding performer. He possesses a thorough knowledge of vocal repertoire. The faculty holds him in high esteem and his rapport with the students is enviable.

Professor H. Arnoldi, School of Fine and Performing Arts,
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA



Derek is a truly "Holistic" educator... Hiking up the hills of Lantau, I learned more from Derek about Music, Art, Business and World Affairs than Google... and in a very pleasant and healthy way... I can only imagine the excellence he offers to students of voice training in Hong Kong.

Philip McMaster, Entrepreneur
Dr Derek Anthony is a highly accomplished operatic bass who has sung 60 roles on stage. His Music & Drama Institute has become one of the major centres of high quality musical, vocal, and drama instruction in Hong Kong.

I have found him to be an extremely fine vocal instructor who shows a sincere concern for his students' personal and professional development.

Dr. Barry Steben,
Expert in history of East Asian thought, European cultural history, and Chinese-English translation




He has established an excellent reputation as a singer, and also shows superior ability in the area of opera stage direction, as has demonstrated success as a teacher of diction and operatic acting.

D. M. Hsu, Chair of Music, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA


He is fully capable in all aspects of opera production. He has formidable powers of organization, and can see how all the various elements which constitute an opera production interrelate, how they must be organized and developed.

Prof. M. Ingham, Director of UCSB Opera Theatre,
University of California at Santa Barbara, USA




Thank you for a super performance with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong. Well done with the rapid parlando! - And many thanks for your excellent suggestions for the programme!

L. Nicholls, Manager

I have known Dr. Anthony to be a person of integrity, considerable energy and dedication to his profession.

S. G. Baxter, Assistant Dean,
The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA


He ranks in the top 5 percent of the many singers I hear each year. His vocal technique is secure, his musicianship is excellent, and his artistic approach to his material is very strong.

N. Sands, Director, American Institute of Musical Studies, Dallas, Texas, USA


Our Vocal Arts Program offers support to struggling black vocalists. We were impressed in the manner in which you reached out to our organization to offer support.

The National Association of Negro Business and
Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.,
Detroit, Michigan, USA


A vigorous bass voice, round and well ringing with a fine range including some very good low notes.

M. Singher, Former leading baritone, Metropolitan Opera, New York


Mr. Anthony possesses a bass voice of exceptionally beautiful quality, a wide range and technical security, fine professional experience and attitudes.

Professor C. Zytowski, Former President, National Opera Association, USA


People who have worked with him as a singer were immensely pleased both with his work and the extraordinary quality of his voice.

Dr. A. E. Planchart, Professor Emeritus,
University of California at Santa Barbara, USA


Herr Anthony is ein sehr talentierter junger Mann dessen stimmliche und musicalische Begabung zu grössten Hoffnungen berechtigt.

Translation from German: Mr. Anthony is a very talented young man whose vocal and musical talent deserves the highest expectations.

O. Edelmann, Vienna, Austria


Han ær begåvad med ett osedvanligt interessant røstmaterial.

Translation from Swedish: His talent reveals an unusually interesting voice.

Per Åke Anderson, Conductor,
The Norwegian National Opera, Oslo, Norway


Han eier en vakker naturstemme, en virkelig bass – som beveger seg lett i alle toneleier. Han er meget musikalsk og eier et godt spilletalent. Vi her tillands har på mange år neppe har hatt et slikt desidert basstalent.

Translation from Norwegian: He possesses a beautiful natural voice, a real bass which moves easily in all ranges, and a good acting talent. We have probably not had such an obvious bass talent in this country for many years.

Egil Frostmann, Norwegian tenor

Han kommer fra en meget kultivert og kunstinteressert familie.

Translation from Norwegian: He comes from a very cultivated family supportive of the arts.

Sverre Valen, Choir Director, Sandefjord, Norway


Derek is articulate and possesses a comfortable assurance for those working with him.

Highly appreciative and encouraging to his colleagues, audiences and patrons, Derek approaches his work with a strong passion and a conscientious heart.

Ernest So, Concert pianist

Derek has done a great service for Hong Kong by establishing The Music & Drama Institute.

MDI provides a convenient location for music teachers to offer instruction, for visiting performers to offer master classes, and for aspiring musicians to present recitals.

My children have taken voice and violin lessons there, and benefitted greatly.

Erik Floyd,
Interim General Manager,
Treasurer & Director at ASrIA -
Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia
I think often of my time spent in HK, and working with you was one of the highlights of my professional experience. I thank you again for the opportunity that you gave me teaching at your academy.

Angelo Rapan, Music Director
Romania & USA