In our Voice Training sessions, the emphasis will begin with four key areas:

  • Vocal technique. From the start, this is based on the building of a vocal foundation required for operatic training, for all voices, including the non-operatic singers. That is because this fundamental approach is consistent with lifelong performance ability. Through exercises, examples, demonstrations, and a variety of reference materials, the singing student will systematically learn about and directly experience the importance of correct breathing, posture, use of resonance and vocal projection, and apply it to repertoire suitable for his or her level of development.

  • Articulation. Since most of sounds required by a singer are based on words in various languages, even the most fundamental exercises need to be based on correct articulation of linguistic sounds. Therefore good pronunciation is cultivated from the beginning, not only for its aesthetic value, but also as a key factor in the vocal technique.

  • Musicianship. Since most of sounds required by a singer are also based on pitch and rhythm, even the most fundamental exercises need to be based on this. On any level of vocal training, a corresponding level of musicianship is necessary, be it for the absolute beginner who needs to work on simple exercises, or the most advanced professional artist.

  • Interpretation. As the vocal student progresses, and the challenges within these three key areas increases, it also becomes necessary to introduce a fourth element: That of dramatic expression, including Movement, Character Study, and Dramatic Structure. [See: Individual Drama Training]

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Performance coaching relates to the whole process of learning, from the complete beginner to the most experienced professional,
and uses psychological knowledge and theories about achievement motivation, self-realization, and self-expression.

The principles used here, are integrated with all the other subjects of training, such as speech training, drama, singing, public speaking and presentation skills.

[See: Performance Coaching]



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For ten years, I have sought a classical instructor who encompasses vast performance experience, direct & effective teaching methods, and an appreciation for combining the musical with the dramatic expression. I have finally found these qualities in Dr. Anthony.

In our twelve lessons together, I experienced dramatic vocal & theatrical improvements in pieces ranging from Italian arias to Chinese folk songs. Dr. Anthony’s exquisite attention to detail - from language & diction to vocal technique, musical phrasing, theatrical phrasing, physical gesture, and psychological subtext - is invaluable to anyone striving for a career in performing arts. With thirty-five years of performance & teaching experience, Dr. Anthony will make you the best performer you can be. I look forward to more lessons - and more improvements - with my fabulous new mentor!

Elizabeth Anne Biddle
Graduate Vocal Student at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance
London, U. K.




"Det har vært en glede å jobbe med Derek Anthony under produksjonen av den første oppførelsen av W.A. Mozarts "Tryllefløyten" ved operaen i Ho Chi Min City. [I Vietnam, november 2013]
I forkant av oppførelsen jobbet han både med solister og kor på en glimrende måte, og delte sine rike kunnskaper om vokal teknikk, språk, musikalsk formidling og rollegetaltning.
Derek har en metode som er svært anvendelig, og han jobber energisk og effektivt med alle aspekter ved sangfaget. Han har en trygg og raus personlighet kombinert med bred erfaring som operasanger og mange års arbeid som sang-og talepedagog.
Denne kombinasjonen gjør ham til den dyktige pedagogen han er. Samtlige vietnamesiske solister og korsangere gjennomgikk en faglig utvikling gjennom hans undervisning og veiledning, og dette resulterte i en flott konsertant fremføring av Tryllefløyten".

Siri Torjesen, 1. Amanuensis, Vocal Coach Transposition.


[Translation from Norwegian]. It has been a real pleasure working with Dr. Derek Anthony during the production of the first performance that has ever taken place in Ho Chi Minh City of Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”. [in Vietnam, November 2013]
During the period leading up to the performance, he coached both many of the soloists and the chorus in an excellent way, sharing his extensive knowledge on vocal technique, languages, musical expression, and dramatic interpretation.
He has a way of working which is very practical and effective, and he works energetically towards all aspects of the singer-actors’ craft. He displays a confident and generous personality, and possesses a wide experience as an opera singer and also many years as a vocal coach and speech trainer.
It is this combination that makes him such a competent educator. All the Vietnamese soloists and choristers underwent a clear development under his teaching and guidance, and this resulted in an excellent concert production of “The Magic Flute”.

Siri Torjesen, 1. Amanuensis & Vocal Coach Transposition.